on the road for climate action

In 2018, we launched a grassroots project across the U.S. in order to empower everyday people to help solve the climate crisis through community outreach and education. Along the way, we interviewed climate experts, disaster survivors, and others. Here's what the said. Please share these clips, and check back for more!


Dr. Masri interviews NASA scientist Dr. William Stefanov about climate impacts and misconceptions surrounding government-funded research.  

Interview with Seal Beach Wildlife Refuge manager Rick Nye about sea level rise and impacts to the local marsh. Click here to learn more about the Refuge and how you can help it survive! 

 20-year bee keeper Mike from Annie & Mike's Honey explains the hardship his industry is facing with changing patterns in climate and increased pesticide use.  

most popular

Interview with world-renowned author and MIT professor Noam Chomky about climate and the lack of action being taken. This interview was conducted on Oct 23, 2018 at the University of Arizona. 

Interview with Juan, a Peruvian mountain guide, about climate change in Peru. Hear him explain how glaciers are shrinking, farmers are struggling, and peoples' livelihoods are at stake.  

This video captures forest damage caused by the bark beetle in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado. Dr. Shahir Masri interviews park ranger Chelsea Hernandez as she explains the connection between bark beetle epidemics, forest destruction, and climate change in the park. 

Here us interview Blue Fruit Farm owner Jim Riddle about climate change and the impacts of extreme weather to farmers in Minnesota.