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Find it hard to tell fact from fiction on issues of science, health, and the environment? Well, your life just got a whole lot easier! In this review, Dr. Masri does the work for you. There isn't a single book on this list that he hasn't personally read, reviewed, and ranked for your ease. Happy reading!

book list


 5 Stars

Beyond Debate:

Answers to 50 Misconceptions on Climate Change

By: Shahir Masri


5 Stars

Field Notes from a Catastrophe:

Man, Nature, & Climate Change

By: Elizabeth Kolbert


 5 Stars

Omnivore's Dilemma:

A Natural History of Four Meals  

By: Michael Pollan


4.5 Stars

The Body Toxic:

How the Hazardous Chemistry of Everyday Things Threatens Our Health & Well Being

By: Nena Baker


4.5 Stars

The Climate Casino:

Risk, Uncertainty, & Economics for a Warmer World

By: William Nordhaus


4.5 Stars


Making Life on a Tough New Planet

By: Bill McKibben