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Beyond Debate resolves 50 climate misconceptions in 50 brief and easy-to-read chapters. Complete with over 270 references, Beyond Debate is a must-read whether you're a climate activists, a skeptic, or just a concerned citizen.  And conveniently, the book reads like a field guide, so you don't need to read it in order. In Beyond Debate, Dr. Masri conveys a sense of urgency while describing opportunities for hope.

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 "Written in an easily understandable and positive style, this concise and refreshing book explains what is true and not true about one of the most important environmental problems of our time, and offers approaches each of us can take to contribute to a more sustainable world."

                                                                                                             —Dr. Arthur Winer 

                                                                                    Distinguished Professor Emeritus  

                                                                                          UCLA School of Public Health

"If you are confused about any aspect of globate climate change, you need to read this book. Even if you are convinced of its urgency, you will learn a lot you didn’t know."

                                                                                       —Nicholas A. Ashford, PhD., JD  

                                                                               Professor of Technology and Policy

                                                                          Massachusetts Institute of Technology

"The next generation of climate change activists led by Shahir Masri and his peers is taking over. Shahir’s book Beyond Debate, obliterates the false arguments to do nothing. Though Shahir has a doctorate degree in environmental health and is smart as can be, he writes in everyday language, making climate science readable, and understandable. Clear up all doubt, read this book!"

                                                                                                        —Marshall Saunders

                                                                                    Founder, Citizens’ Climate Lobby

"Dr. Masr is great at explaining and distilling the complicated science of climate change. He writes with personal conviction in a conversational style that is very accessible for general readers. Organized around answering climate change misconceptions, the book serves as a handy reference complete with footnotes to original sources. Beyond Debate is invaluable to climate advocates wishing to reach out to friends, neighbors and elected officials. The book not only increases readers' understanding, but provides hope by pointing to specific actions we can take both collectively and as individuals." 

                                                                                                                     —Bob Taylor  

                                                                                                 Environmental Journalist


4.6 stars

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Only with an informed public can we begin to evoke change!

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